This example of Banksy prices is perfect to explain how growing is Street Art for 15 years. Art is today the best possible investment with Grands Crus wines in the world, and Street Art will be the most growing art investment in 21th century.

All richest people, actors, top executives in Europe and US fight to get the best street art pieces in auction, like US actor Leonardo Dicaprio or french Business Woman Agnès Troublé (= Agnès B.).

Street Art is arriving only now in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with the first Auctions. Prices are higher months after months, and possibilities are unlimited during next years when asian people will discover more and more this new Art Tendency. Nothing is more trendy and prestigious now than to have a well know street art painting in its living room!

Cornbread Gallery is the first 100% Street Art Gallery in Hong Kong, importing all artworks direct from artists in majority of cases. Authenticity is warranted with our unique certificate.

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